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2019 Pittsburgh Witches Ball is proud to announce Silver Ravenwolf will be in attendance, more information or tickets www.PittsburghWitchBall.com

Greeting Salutations, 

We are a place that is proud to be Pagans. Pull up a seat & sip a cup of tea with us. We are not just a tea social but we will have them. Come join a social network of other fellow Pagan, Witches, Heathens and Sundry Folk. 

We are a member of The Black Hat Society Network for both Pennsylvania as well as national.

We are an open discussion & social group. We have many things here in the works from coffee & tea socials, to occasional speakers & classes.  

We encourage you to join us and register to become a member of this site as well as our other sites, which listed below.  We will be working on a monthly newsletter that can be found in here and emailed to you.  We are looking forward to all of the new and positive journeys that are ahead for TPBHSN.

This is a place for solitaries and coven members to build community. To share thoughts and ideas with others. Building together to make the three rivers more positive place.

The Pittsburgh Black Hat Society Network also host an annual Witches Ball.

As good ambassadors we are open and accepting no matter what your age, race, sex, or orientation is.

Brightest of Blessings!

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