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General Open Meeting Notes, March 1st

Posted on March 2, 2014 at 4:15 PM

General Open Meeting: March 1st, 2014.7:00 PM. Michael's House.

In attendance: Michael, CJ, Pam, and Charles, Fred and Julia, Je'Amour, Renzy, Zack.

Big Announcements:

*We have a new, shiny website! Please visit to view its splendor.

*TICKETS ARE ON SALE STARTING MONDAY(March 3rd) at the new website. The pricing has changed slightly from the last meeting. The prices are now set at:

Adults: $25.00 per person *PRE-EVENT.* $30.00 per person >>AT THE DOOR<<.

Children 2-12 years old: $8.00

On the website, you will notice an uptick in price of about $1.06. This is to cover mailing costs.

*Theme of the Ball: Those in attendance were given ballots of all of the suggested themes and they voted in secret. The theme “Phoenix Rising” received the most votes. Since this theme was not one suggested in the contest entries, unfortunately there is no prize winner.

Planning for the Witches' Ball 2014:


*To cater or not to cater? 'Tis a question that depends on the price. We have submitted a series of simple menus to a caterer who is a friend of one of our members. Ifhe can serve one of them at $1500 or less, we will announce him as our caterer. Hopefully this matter will be settled by our next meeting. If you are someone who would like to see catering happen at the Witches' Ball this year no matter what the cost, please go to the new website,, and click the “Donate” button to contribute to our budget.

*Our menu items will depend on what the caterer can/can't do for us and if we end up needing to do it ourselves. Stay tuned.

Music and Entertainment:

*Thus far, we have Brian Henke and Wendy Rule as confirmed performers. The current plan is to re-hire Ginger Doss for certain. Re-hiring Morticia's Chair will depend onthe success of early ticket sales, sponsorship funds, advertisement sales, and small fundraisers. There was also mention of hiring Live to Love for an opening act. It all depends on the size of the budget.

*We will not be hiring a professional DJ this year. Filler music will be handled by volunteers.

*Kids' Corner: The consensus was that if there is one who wants to put together an area for children, thenthat would be great. Its existence rests on someone willing to volunteer their time to do it. A kids' corner is not something we feel is crucial to the Ball since we have a very small number of children attend each year. Please contact us via to volunteer.


*If you are interested in helping make this year's Ball a success, please contact us via . We are looking for reliable, focused people to be:

An Assistant to the Stage Manager/MC(Je'Amour): This person will aid in announcing performers, makingsure performers have everything they need, troubleshooting technical problems, making general announcements, and helping keep the flow ofthe Ball's events go smoothly.

A Dining Area Manager and a Beverage Manager: These people will make sure everything is clean, stocked,well displayed, and smooth running in their designated areas;

The Kitchen Staff is currently Je'Amour, Chris, and Renzy. Our duties will depend on a caterer or lack thereof. We could use a back-up hand to help with prepping, watching the timers and pots, and cleaning up;

Assistants to the Security Manager(Fred): These people will make sure everyone is on their best behavior. They will be on the lookout for any weapons, alcohol, drugs, or inappropriate behavior. They reserve the right to remove anyone who does not comply with the Ball's rules;

Decorators, Setup Crew, and Tear-Down Crew: These people carry big items, get on ladders, clean unidentifiable substances, sweep, scrub, hook, tape, and sweat. Theyare the backbone of the Ball and they are much needed;

An Accessibility Manager: Our venue, Teamster's Local 249, is fully accessible to those with disabilities.This person will be the contact for anyone who would like assistance.

Generating Funds:

*Sponsorship Letters: Julia, Je'Amour, and Renzy will soon be crafting letters to local metaphysical shops,alternative lifestyle stores, alternative medicine stores, and anyone else we can think of who would be open to sponsoring a Pagan event. If you want to help in the writing process, have a business to suggest, or want to become a sponsor, please contact us via the website . Sponsors receive a number of benefits depending on their level of funding. You will be given a list of options if you inquire.

*Current thoughts on small fundraisers are having spaghetti dinners and guest speaker events. More details to come.

*Advertisements for the Program: More details to come. Collecting ads from local businesses is something we normally do in the summer, but please feel free to inquire now through .

*Press packets: The current team for constructing and disbursing press packets consists of Julia, Je'Amour, and Renzy. Press packets help generate funds because they get our name out. If you are interested in helping woo a few reporters, socialites, activists, and perhaps a politician or two, contact us at .

Vendors and Readers/Healers:

*Forms for vendors and readers/healers will be available come March. They will be available on the website under "Event Applications" as Google Docs. We would like 10 vendors and 3-4 different readers/healers **max.** First come, first serve. Keep your eyes peeled.


*We are looking to reserve a block of rooms at an affordable hotel (so nothing downtown!) that is 1) close to the venue and 2) has a shuttle bus. We are still in the process of deciding which hotel this will be.

Non-Ball Business and Events of thePBHS:

Permanent Meeting Day and Time forGeneral Open Meetings:

*Those in attendance decided that this will be the first Saturday of every month at 7:00 PM at Michael's residence. We may make an exception for Grove of Gaia Fest this coming May. Any changes will be announced next month.

Witches' High Tea:

*Location will be Dobra Tea in Squirrel Hill. They will begin in Mid-April and held monthly. Exact date to be announced at a later time.

Tarot Study:

*The organizer is going through some personal issues at the moment and needs more time to put the Tarot Study together. Look for the next meeting's notes.

Herb Study:

*It is planned to re-start Herb Studies in April. Look for the next meeting's notes.

Meet and Greet:

*It was decided that the PBHS will host a monthly coffee meet and greet. It will be hosted by a new person each month. It will also change location each month to give Pagans who live in varying parts of the area a chance to come out. The first is planned to be at Coffee Buddha in Perrysville, North Hills. The date and time have yet to be announced. Look for the next meeting's notes.

Morgantown Pagan Pride Day: Sept. 13th.

*A camping trip beginning the night of Sept. 12th – the morning of Sept 14th was discussed to go along with our voyage to Morgantown Pagan Pride Day. We are looking for people to join us in renting a lodge in the same park as the event, bringing some food to share, and willing to chip in some money for a pizza on that Saturday night. We are willing to carpool with people to the site. Look for the next meeting's notes for more information.

Inactive Member Letters:

*It was agreed to delete members of our Meetup group who have been inactive for over six months. They will receive a letter explaining why they were removed. They are welcome back to the group, but they must reapply.

Next General Open Meeting: April 5th,7:00 PM, 1201 Yetta Ave., Pittsburgh proper. All are welcome.














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