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The Pittsburgh Black Hat Society Organizational Policy

Posted on March 30, 2014 at 8:00 PM

1. Pittsburgh Black Hat Society is open to followers of all paths. Our mission of unity is to offer safe, inclusive activities from a multi-traditional/cultural perspective.

2. Disruption, harassment, hate speech, threatening or any intent to harm will not be tolerated in any form. If anyone feels there is such an issue, please talk to one of the organizer as soon as possible to nip problems in the bud. Please, while on our boards, act with love, compassion and at least be civil. Cross posting unauthorized material will be removed and if it becomes a repetitive problem that member will be removed.

3. Organizers spend time, money and fuel on finding, arranging and bringing events to fruition; they shouldn't bear all the costs themselves. Pittsburgh Black Hat Society we will raise money to cover cost. Pittsburgh Black Hat Society should not bear all the burden neither should a members who organize an event or meetup for the group ( any group activity should not just be on the burden on the few)...

4 "We Got A Board Now" so if you want to give your two cents or be involved then come to a planning meeting, like the old saying goes if you don't vote you don't get a voice here...

5. Group Support - If each active member who attends coffee or other events donates $1 per month that will cover the Meetup Group Monthly fee. If you can give more (especially in the beginning as we're building membership) it is greatly appreciated, as this will help alleviate the out-of-pocket expenses of the organizers.

6. At all events, please be cool. Don't leave children or pets unattended, don't break laws, and obey the site rules. Please don't make us ask you to leave. If you are expelled from an event, there will be no refunds of any kind, and future admission to events will be up for discussion...

7. Classes, Workshops and study - We ALL have things to teach, and we ALL have things to learn. Everyone should and will be given the opportunity to share their talents, knowledge and energies. Need help polishing up what you would like to teach? Nervous at the thought of doing a class on your own? Talk to us! Someone around will be able to help.

8. Alcohol - There will be no alcohol in any sacred space for our events, unless explicitly posted otherwise. We support those in recovery, and everyone in our group has the right to safe sacred space. Our Public Park events will not have a alcohol permit, so no alcohol period as this could get us into a LOT of trouble. As far as camping events go, if permitted by the venue, what happens at your campsite is your own business.

9. Meetup's at private residents are reserved for members who have shown up to prior events unless stated "open to all", We have plenty of open events so meeting an organizer is not very hard.

10. "Please" pass links to other events, pass it by organizers of The Pittsburgh Black Hat Society first before posting

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