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General Open Meeting Notes, May 10th

Posted on May 14, 2014 at 3:05 PM

PBHS Open General Meeting Notes. May 10th, 2014. 7:00 PM. Michael's house.

In attendance: Je'Amour, Michael,Julia, Fred, Renzy, Zack, Matt, Eric, Donna, Eric, Gordon, and Zeke the Chihuahua (via Skype).

Witches' Ball 2014


We have decided on the menu for the Ball. There will be:

Pulled pork

Fried Chicken

Pirogis, cheese and potato

Curried rice

Fruit/veggie tray.

We continuing to work on hiring Ryan at the GLCC as a professional cook.


In addition to Wendy Rule,Brian Henke, and the Live to Love Band, we will also be featuring thePo'folks Cabaret and a big favorite from last year, Morticia's Chair.


-Money, ticket sales, and hiring help:

We will be sending out pre-ordered tickets next month. We continue to looking for paid kitchen help, especially banquet people. If you are interested in being hired, please use the Contact Us form on our website, .

There is now a special early bird price for tickets: $25. Only the first 125 tickets will be sold at this price.

After the first 125 tickets are sold, the ticket price will be $30.

If you wait to buy tickets at the door,they will be $35.

If you come to the Ball at 10:00 or after, the tickets will be $20. This is because there will be no morefood being served. Kitchen staff will be cleaning up at this time.


Children under 12 tickets remain at $8.00.


-Sponsors and Advertising:

If you are interested in sponsoring this year's Witches' Ball or advertising inour program, please fill out the forms on our website: . If you are interested in helping attract potential sponsors and advertisers, we have a packet of information available to give you tips and pointers. Please use the Contact Us form on our website to request a packet.


On June 21st at the West Mifflin Comfort Inn we will be putting on a guest speaker event to raise funds. Gordon Abernathy will be giving a talk on Hoodoo work starting at 4:00 PM. There will also be a potluck and time to socialize. Please bring a sweet or savory dish to share. Weare asking for a donation of $5.00 to attend.


*If you are interested in helping make this year's Ball a success, please contact us via . We are looking for reliable, focused people to be:


A Dining Area Manager and a Beverage Manager: These people will make sure everything is clean, stocked, well displayed, and smooth running in their designated areas;

The Kitchen Staff is currently Je'Amour, Chris, and Renzy. Our duties will depend on a caterer or lack thereof. We could use a back-up hand to help with prepping, watching the timers and pots, and cleaning up;

Assistants to the Security Manager (Fred): These people will make sure everyone is on their best behavior. They will be on the lookout for any weapons, alcohol,drugs, or inappropriate behavior. They reserve the right to remove anyone who does not comply with the Ball's rules.


 Decorators, Setup Crew, and Tear-Down Crew: These people carry big items, get on ladders, clean up unidentifiable substances, sweep, scrub, hook, tape, and sweat. Theyare the backbone of the Ball and they are much needed;


An Accessibility Manager: Our venue, Teamster's Local 249, is fully accessible to those with disabilities.This person will be the contact for anyone who would like assistance.


Non-Ball Stuff:

Coffee Meet'n Greet: May 20th at the Dobra Tea Room, 7:30 PM.

-Fae Fest:

August 9th,3:00-11:00PM. Waterfront, under the bridge at 7th Avenue.

Possible entertainment: Live to Love, Morticia's Chair for music. We are seeking fire breathers/dancers, jugglers, stage magicians, face painters, anyone who has a knack for carnival-style games and activities.

Food: Concession stand. Hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, picnicstyle. $5-8 for a plate.


We are seeking 15-20 vendors and 5 readers/healers for this event.

Vending is $40 if you did not vend at last year's ball. It is $35 if you did.

Reader/healers: $50 if you did not vend at last year's ball. It is $45 if you did.

Please use the Contact Us form at to inquire about vending at the Fae Fest.


Confetti and glitter allowed! Theremay also be a Troll Contest since we'll be underneath a bridge.


Herb and Tarot studies: Look for schedule soon!

-Morgantown PPD cabin:

We will be renting a cabin starting Sept. 12th and leaving on Sept 14th forMorgantown's PPD. We will be booking a cabin when reservations becomeopen for that time frame. We are asking for $10 per person per night to sleep in the cabin with us. Please be willing to bring and sharefood as well. If you want to join us, please contact us via our website,


*There is a new chapter of the BHS inNew Jersey! We plan on doing a road trip to visit them.*


We will have a newsletter available for your reading pleasure in June. It will be available online, with a limited number of hard copies. If you wish to submit an article please Contact Us via our website, before May 20th.

-Pagans in the Park:

We will have a table at Pagans in the Park, a fundraising event for GPPPD. Com evisit us on June 14th, 12:00 PM, at Harrison Hills Park in Natrona Heights.

Next Full Moon Ritual: June 13th, 7:00PM. 9020 Saltsburg Road, Plum, PA. Next to Boyce Park.


 Next Open General Meeting: June 7th,7:00 PM, 1201 Yetta Avenue, Pittsburgh proper.


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