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Posted on July 10, 2016 at 8:30 PM



MAGICAL HERBAL DIRECTORY ALFALFA- prosperity, attraction of money, burn or place in the kitchen


ANGELICA- Protection, Healing, inreases life energy bringing warmth of Fire element, Exorcism



ANISE, STAR PODS- Protection, Purification, Winter Solstice



ASTRAGALUS- Fortification, Strength



BAY- Healing, Protection, Psychic Powers, Strength



BLACKBERRY LEAF- Healing, Money, Protection



BLACK COHOSH ROOT- Courage, Love, Potency, Protection



BLADDERWRACK- This sea governed plant makes a wonderful water or sea ritual herb, Money, Protection, Psychic Clarity, Wind Rituals



BLESSED THISTLE- Abundance, Flow



BLUE COHOSH ROOT- Courage, Balance, Protection



BURDOCK ROOT- Healing, Protection, Clears space & holds the space safe, spirit of North



CALENDULA- Opening to the 3rd Chakra, helps energy move outward from center of body extending in all directions



CATNIP- Beauty, Happiness, Love



CHAMOMILE- Love, Money, Sleep, Purification, Child's Annointing



CHAPPARAL- Fire element rituals, Protection, Spirit of South



CEDAR LEAF TIPS- Healing, Protection, Purification of body, aura field, & space



CELANDINE- Escape, Happiness, Legal Matters, Protection



CHASTE TREE BERRIESCHICORY ROOT, ROASTED- To inspire Frugality, Invisibility, Removing Obstacles, Favors-annoint body to obtain



CLOVES- Exorcism, Love, Money, Protection



CINNAMON, GROUND- Healing, Love, Personal Empowerment, Protection, Spirituality, Success



COMFREY LEAF- Money, Safe Journeys (Worldly or through Meditation)



COMFREY ROOT- Money, Safe Journeys (Worldy or through Meditation), Winter Solstice



COPAL RESIN- Love, Purification, Earth Element, Sets Sacred Space,Allows Guides and Guidance to come in



CORNSILK- Water Element, Stimulates Flow



DAMIANA- Love, Visions, Opens Door Between Worlds



DANDELION LEAF- Calling Spirits, Divination, Wishes



DANDELION ROOT- Calling Spirits, Divination, Wishes



DONG QUAI, SLICES- Health, Vitality, Fire Element Rituals



DRAGON'S BLOOD RESIN- Exorcism, Love, Protection,Stimulates action of other herbs in incense blend,Stimulates movement of energy



ECHINACEA- Strength Wards off negativity or undesireable energies



ELDER BERRIES- Ancient Wisdom, Contact with Elementals, Healing, Invoke Majic, Protection



EUCALYPTUS LEAF- Healing, Air Element Rituals, Protection



EYEBRIGHT- Mental Ability & Clarity, Psychic Ability, Visions



False Unicorn Root- Connection to Majical Realm, Contains Energy & Intention



FENNEL SEED- Healing, Protection, Purification, Stimulates Movement



FENUGREEK- Clearing, Money



FLAX SEED- Beauty, Healing, Initiates Flow, Money, Psychic Openness



FRANKINCENSE TEAR RESIN- Consecration, Exorcism, Protection, Purification, Sets Sacred Space, Sets Safe Space for Guides to come in,Spirit of East or North Geranium- Abundance, Fertility, Health, Love, Protection



GINGER ROOT POWDER- Fire Element Rituals, Brings into Existance, Bringer of the Manifestation, Love, Money, 3rd Chakra Vitality,Inner Strength, Success, Stimulates flow of Energy, Spirit of South



GINSENG, SIBERIAN- Encourages a long lasting affect, Health, Strength



HAWTHORNE BERRIES- Fertility, 4th Chakra Strength & Vitality, Love, Contentment



HIBISCUS FLOWERS, WHOLE- Divination, Love, 5th Chakra



HOPS- Sleep, Opens the Channel In & Out of the body inrelationship with the Universe



HOREHOUND- Exorcism, Mental Ability, Protection, Opens Air Element within body & in the world, Opens Channel for Clear Communication



IRISH MOSS FLAKES- Luck, Opens Throat, Opens Channel for Clear Communication



JUNIPER BERRIES- Exorcism, Health, Protection, Sets Sacred Space, Spirit of North



KAVA KAVA ROOT- Luck, Visions, Opens one to receiving guidence and guides,Protection



KELP GRANULES- Connection to Divine Source through the Physical & Spiritual, Unity, Life-Force Strengthening Spirit of Center



Lady's Mantle- Love, Self ControlLAVENDER FLOWERS- Happiness, Love, Sleep, Purification, Peace



LEMON PEEL- Friendship, Love, Purification



LEMON VERBENA- Love, Happiness, Purification, Peace, Mental & Emotional Balance, Summer Solstice



LICORICE ROOT- Fidelity, Love, Meditation, Harmony



MANDRAKE ROOT- Protection, Protection in the Subconscious, Unconscious, & Underworld, Fertility, Money, Health, Love



MARSHMALLOW ROOT- Boundaries, Love, Protection, Strength, Emotional Balance



MEADOWSWEET- Divination, Harmony, Peace, Love, 3rd Chakra



MILK THISTLE- Creativity, Protection, Dispell, Transformation



MOTHERWORT- Balances Within, Self Empowerment, 2nd Chakra



MUGWORT- Purification, Clearing, Sleep, Visions, Opens one to the teachings of the Subconscious & Unconscious Self, Dream Clarity & Rememberance, 6th & 7th Chakras



MULLEIN LEAF- Courage, Health, Opens Life Energy flow through the body



MYRRH GUM POWDER & RESIN TEARS- Protection, Purification,Sets Sacred Space, Ancient Wisdom



NETTLES- Exorcism, Healing, Protection, Abundance,3rd & 6th ChakraPAU D\\'ARCO- Fertility, Wards off Negativity, Clears



PEPPERMINT- Love, Psychic Ability, Healing, Clears Energy & Space



RASBERRY LEAF- Love, Protection, Spirit of Center, Spring Equinox



RED CLOVER BLOSSEMS- Abundance, Love, Money, Protection, Success, Summer Solstice



RED ROOT- Clears Energy, Dispells



ROSEBUDS- Abundance, Attraction, Healing, Love, Luck, Prosperity



ROSEHIPS- Abundance, Strength, Fall Equinox Ceremony



ROSEMARY- Exorcism, Mental Clarity, Psychic Ability, Healing, Spirit of South, Purification



SAGE, GARDEN- Clears, Healing, Immortality, Inner Guide, Longevity, Protection, Purication, Vision, Wisdom



SAGE, WHITE- Clears, Healing, Immortality, Inner Guide, Longesvity, Protection, Purification, Vision, Wisdom



SARSPARILLA- Inner Strength, Grounding, PurificationSPEARMINT- Clarity, Love, Mental Ability



SWEETGRASS- Bringer of Positive Energy, Clears, Seals In,burned after White Sage which clears, the sweetgrass isthe Bringer, Spirit of East



TURMERIC- Purification( used with sea salt), Fortification, Strength, Clears AggressionUVA URSI- Boundaries, Clears blockages, Psychic Workings



VALERIAN ROOT- Protection, Self Esteem, Sleep



WHITE WILLOW- Sacred Earth Connection between human & Earth & Spirit, Healing, Protection, Spirit of East



WILD LETTUCE- Love Divination, Protection, Sleep, Opens to the deeper consciousness, Attunes to Deeper Meanings



WILD YAM- Fortification, Grounding, Release, 1st Chakra



WINTERGREEN- Hex-Breaking, Protection, Good Fortune, Opens Channels



WITCH HAZEL- Healing, Protection



WORMWOOD- Calling Spirits, Psychic Ability, Protection



YARROW- Spirit of South, Courage, Clears, Stimulates Movement



YELLOWDOCK ROOT- Clears stuck energy, Fortification



YERBA SANTA- Clears Channel to Divine Life Force, Healing, Protection, Psychic Ability



If you know of one we missed or have one you like to add, let us know...

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